Photo Roneesha Irani

Photo Roneesha Irani

I grew up in the United States and it was not until moving to Switzerland to study French that I discovered the healthy, grounded lifestyle I live and breathe today. As an Economist and Senior Management Consultant in the Finance Industry, I was faced with corporate responsibilities, extensive travel, lack of time and stress. I truly understand the challenges of a busy working lifestyle which leave us feeling frustrated, burned out and stuck. In 2003 I decided to empower myself through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I lost 20 kilos, discovered the vibrant Swiss lifestyle I was craving and have dedicated the past 15 years helping others to do the same. I am married, have 3 children and live near Geneva.


I promote a non-diet, weight-neutral, mindfulness-based approach to eating, physical activity, holistic health, and self-care. I have coached hundreds of individuals and groups in dozens of organizations and companies to help them make lifestyle changes moving them from "knowing" what to do "actually doing it" - with real and lasting results.

"She is the living example of vibrant life! Very inspiring!" - Participant Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly Awareness Workshop, Rome, Italy


"Je recommande à quiconque de faire appel à Ellen, grâce à qui j'ai pu aller bien plus loin que ce que j'espérais en terme d'alimentation, bien-être et fondement de santé. Merci pour ta manière simple de nous transmettre ce que tu sais, de nous reconnecter à nous-mêmes et ton enthousiasme à nous y amener! " -  Muriel, Manager Vale International