Get Your Mind-Set for the Bright Side of Summer!


This time of year I always get lots of new clients keen to get (back) into shape, both inspired and daunted by the long summer months ahead. The daunting comes in the form of a mind-set that may - in and of itself -be setting us up for disappointment. I’d like to debunk 5 of the challenges I encounter most often and change your mind-set mantra to see the bright side of summer!

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The truth: Everybody’s doing it! Today, it is definitely the exception NOT to pay attention to our health and fitness. Most people are actually relieved when they get the opportunity to choose a healthier meal or get some movement into their day - even better if with a buddy! Did you know that spending time with friends is one of the best things you can do for yourself? Our social networks are one of the key determinants of both physical and mental health!

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The truth: Summertime and any “off” time out of our normal routine - perhaps in a new place with time to do as you wish - is an ideal chance to try something new! Take advantage of new activities or adventures you’ve never tried and see how it makes you feel. Warmer weather increase agility and added vitamin D from the sun can help prevent bone fractures, so, enjoy the feeling and look for inspiration you can continue once “off time” is back “on”…

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The truth: You have no time NOT to! Thanks to early sunrise and late sunset, there are more light hours in the day for getting a few extra steps and/or whipping up a quick, healthy meal. With less clothes to launder or iron, easy salads and barbecues, fruits and vegetables galore, summer is a time where everything can be simplified. Taking advantage of the longer days by getting early morning light exposure improves sleep and focus and can even make you more productive, ultimately saving time!

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The truth: Better to be mindful rather than mind-full. Mindfulness is about nourishment and movement with the intention of feeling better afterward. Mindfulness is also about paying attention in the moment to get the very most out of your experience. With a mindful mind-set you can use your instinct to make your decisions thereby liberating your mind from preconceived or restricting thoughts. After all, nobody is a better expert than you at what makes you feel your best!

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The truth: Nobody’s watching… Monitoring your calorie intake? Trying to cut down on alcohol? Trying to increase your movement? Why not set a positive intention for your day or the event and just be yourself. If you don’t make a fuss about what you “aren’t” having or what you “choose” to do, nobody else will either!

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Taking a summer break from your usual life and schedule to relax can reduce stress, boost creativity, improve focus and help foster relationships. Getting outdoors improves vitamin D and happiness hormones which improve mood and health. All these benefits are enough to recharge your batteries until next year, if you change your mind-set NOW! If changing your mindset is still a challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out for an accountability and inspiration partner!

Have a bright summer!