Empowerment 2017! (1 of 2)

Want to feel more empowered in 2017? Resolve to take Care of Yourself! (1 of 2)

Too often, we spend much of our lives nurturing our partners, children, friends, family, employers, and employees first. As a result, we neglect our own needs and become worn out, stressed out, and run down. This leads to resentment, low self-esteem, and feeling stuck.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I have coached professionals with issues around energy, stress, sleep, food, and well-being for the past decade. Each person on his or her personal journey acquired the new habits he or she needed to feel good, boost performance, and thrive. I observed that although each arrived with different issues, what they were all pursuing was personal empowerment. Although they had been encouraged and even trained to be empowered in their professional lives, it didn’t make sense if they didn’t start with their personal lives.

I define Personal Empowerment as “feeling powerful enough to truly own your life the way you want to.” It involves developing the confidence and strength to take charge and set realistic goals to fulfil your potential. Developing personal empowerment requires fundamental changes; it is not static, but an ongoing process as circumstances change and as we ourselves change. The process is not always easy and many of us need support to even know where to begin. There are many techniques for building confidence and strength but I believe that the foundation of all self-empowerment starts with personal self-care.

Self-care is care provided for you, by you. It’s about identifying your own needs and taking individual responsibility for thoughtfully making daily lifestyle choices including nutrition, activity, recovery, and spirituality. It’s no secret that when we feel our best, we operate on a higher level and move through life confidently and powerfully!

Resolve now to pause and think!

Where are you stuck? What do you really need to thrive and live your vibrant life at work and at home? Are you feeling personally empowered now? Perhaps by taking the time to care for yourself on a physical level first, you will realize that what you consider “selfish” time for yourself exponentially benefits your personal and professional life. Find the support and accountability you need to work you through this process now, and you will not only feel fabulous, but enhance your contribution to the world! In my next post, we’ll explore four resolutions that can start you on a path of personal empowerment.