Are you...

frustrated or stuck with your self-care and not sure what you need to move forward?   Wishing to increase your impact and feel more empowered at work and at home? Ready to change your weight, eating, activity, sleep and self-care to start living your vibrant life? Check in with yourself by completing the short "Am I ready?" checklist to the right!



Programs at three levels…







4 weeks of individual coaching

Perfect for you if you’re looking to get back on track. You know what to do but can’t seem to do it alone. We know that accountability breeds responsibility. Consecutive weeks tailored to your specific needs to go from knowing what to do to actually doing it! In person, Skype or phone. Pricing upon request

On-Site Workplace

Are you finding it difficult or complicated to get budget or commitment from your employer or you just don't have the time or motivation to do it? This is your solution! I come to your workplace to provide 4 week sessions of exclusive personalized on-site health coaching. 

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8 weeks of individual coaching

Designed for you if you’re ready for change and tired of doing it by yourself. You have tried everything and want something new. With a mix of nutrition, activity and sleep strategies, we will integrate mindfulness in our sessions not just to understand your “whats” but your “whys”.  In person, Skype or phone. Pricing upon request

12 individual coaching sessions over one year for lifetime results

Thrive is for you if you have struggled or yo-yo’d with food, exercise or self-care ever since you can remember. You likely have weight or health issues, mindlessly prioritize the others in your life take care of yourself last,if at all. 12 completely personalized and customized sessions will allow us to delve deep into all the areas of your self-care and transform your life. Forever.  In person, Skype or phone. Pricing upon request.

"With Ellen, I became empowered to make the right choices and decisions according to my personal needs. Her great energy and caring along with her tremendous scientific knowledge of nutrition and health impacted not only my life but also my family. She pushes you to change fundamental habits with success."

Valentine France-Lanord, Ferring Pharmaceuticals